The St. Mary School community is made of engaged and caring parents, teachers and staff who provide a safe environment for our students to thrive. With enrollment, every parent earns membership to the Parent Teacher Group where we come together to connect and share by volunteering. The school’s leadership boards are made up of volunteer parents who are dedicated to strategic planning, fundraising, and community event building activities.

School Advisory Board (SAB)

John Connolly, President
Regina Evans (PTG)
Christian Aragon (FAB)
Joe Brady
Stephanie Mueller
Jennifer Von der Ahe
Mary von Ploennies

Financial Advisory Board (FAB)

Christian Aragon, President
Christine Pezino (PTG)
Andrew Bader
Mary Madsen
Alexandra Sung

Parent Teacher Group (PTG)

Regina Evans, President
Laura Duganne, Vice President
Sara Cain, Community Relations
Michelle Hood, Secretary
Celeste Kassai, Social Media
Christine Pezino, Treasurer

Athletic Directors

Fawn Giordano
Kelli Mezzetti