Our teachers include art into weekly lessons in the classroom. We also use Art Docents, a scripted program to teach monthly lessons based on the CA Visual Art Standards.


Students in grades K-5th participate in weekly music classes focused on reading, notating and performing rhythms and melodies. Our 4th-8th grade students are eligible to participate in the annual Spring Musical. Students in 2nd-8th grade are invited to join the parish children’s choir.

Physical Education

Our TK-4th grade students participate in twice a week classes focused on the fundamentals of movement by developing an appreciation for a variety of skills and physical activities. Students in 5th-8th grade have PE classes three times a week and focus on team sports and athletic conditioning.


Our TK-8th grade students use the MakerSpace equipped with a variety of materials from high tech (3-D printers) to no tech items that allow students to work collaboratively and creatively to solve problems and explore.


Our 1st-8th grade students practice listening, speaking, writing, and reading in Spanish, offering students an opportunity to learn about another language and culture’s impact on language.