Students in 5th-8th grades may participate in after-school sports. The coaching staff of parent and community volunteers instill the values of good sportsmanship, respect for the individual contribution to a team effort, and growing each student’s skill level in a given sport.


Robotics is offered to 4th-8th grade students through the VEX IQ platform, which allows students to snap robots together using an intuitive tool-less system. Students work in teams to compete with other teams by building and programming robots to complete the challenge identified for the school year.

Student Council

The purpose of Student Council is to develop student leadership and for students to participate in planning school activities. Our Student Council representatives are elected with a democratic election process. Moderated by staff members, Student Council meets weekly.

School Musicals

Fourth through 8th grade students can sing, dance and perform on stage with our school musicals, which are a collaborative effort with Sacred Heart School. Students can also showcase their talents helping to build sets or work with lighting and technology.